UK Wide Mail Order Kilt Hire Service
Traditional Scottish made kilts and outfits direct to your door all over the UK

5 day complete outfit hire including delivery direct to your door for only £99

Q. Is £99 the complete price and nothing more to pay?
A. Yes it is, £99 is for a complete Highland Dress outfit delivered and collected too and from your door, your hire also includes a shirt, socks and all other accessories that come with your outfit.

Q. Is there any discount for group hires?
A. Yes we do have some great discounts for larger group hires however discounts do vary depending on the size of the hire, please call for details.

Q. How long do I have the outfit for?
Our normal rental period is around 5 days, but we are very flexible and can arrange a longer hire duration if required.

Q. How does the delivery and pick up of the outfit work?
A. We only deliver and collect from the Card holders address – our outfits are the real MacCoy and very expensive, we need to know who has them.

Q. What is the quality of the outfits offered?
A. All our Scottish outfits are made in Scotland… if you see outfits a lot cheaper elsewhere then buyer beware, always remember you only get what you pay for!

Q. What  happens if something does not fit or is missing?
A.  We always deliver our outfits several days before your event in order to give us room to sort out any problems that may occur on your dress rehearsal.

Q. I’m not sure if my measurements are correct?
A.  In that case it is best to call us, we will be happy to talk you through the measuring process  …that’s what we’re here for.

Highland Dress Hire, Mail Order Kilt Hire Service
Traditional Scottish Kilts and outfits direct to your door all over the UK